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   October 11th 2015
   Ancienne Belgique w/ Vetiver
   Brussels - Belgium
   September 24th 2015
   Liège - Belgium
   September 18th 2015
   Fêtes de Wallonie
   Namur - Belgium
   September 5th 2015
   Welkenraedt - Belgium
   August 15th 2015
   Opwijk - Belgium
   July 19th 2015
   Dour Festival
   Dour - Belgium
   July 18th 2015
   Spa - Belgium
   July 5th 2015
   Rock'n'Roll Tonight Festival
   Sambreville - Belgium
   July 3rd 2015
   C. St. Etienne - Belgium
   June 27th 2015
   Live Scene
   Eupen - Belgium
   June 20th 2015
   Place du Théâtre
   Namur - Belgium
   May 30th 2015
   Brussels - Belgium
   May 23rd 2015
   Grolsch Festival
   Schöppingen - Germany
   May 9th 2015
   Festival - Les Murs ont des Oreilles
   Jupille - Belgium
   April 25th 2015
   Hou'Tain Rock Festival
   Houtain - Belgium
   March 21st 2015
   Caserne Fonck
   Liège - Belgium
   March 10th 2015
   Botanique w/ St. Paul and The Broken...
   Brussels - Belgium
   March 6th 2015
   Centre Culturel
   Chênée - Belgium
   February 28th 2015
   Château de la Rocq (MediaMarkt Event)
   Arquennes - Belgium
   February 5th 2015
   Brussels - Belgium
   January 31st 2015
   FNAC - City2
   Brussels - Belgium
   November 28th 2014
   Les Nuits du Paradoxe - L'An Vert
   Liège - Belgium
   November 16th 2014
   Lotto Mons Expo - Media Days
   Mons - Belgium
   November 15th 2014
   Lotto Mons Expo - Media Days
   Mons- Belgium
   November 5th 2014
   Live session + interview @ Pure Fm
   Pure FM - Belgium
   October 25th 2014
   COC, Nieuwe Brugstraat
   Ronse - Belgium
   October 10th 2014
   CC Hastière
   Hastière - Belgium
   September 27th 2014
   Centre Culturel w/ Scott H. Biram
   Lessines - Belgium
   September 26th 2014
   Fêtes de Wallonie
   Namur - Belgium
   September 24th 2014
   Live session + interview @ ARTE TV
   ARTE - Belgium
   September 21st 2014
   The Music Village : Stoemp! (AB)
   Brussels - Belgium
   September 5th 2014
   Tamines - Belgium
   August 23rd 2014
   Rockante Festival
   Temploux - Belgium
   July 31st 2014
   Festival Esperanzah!
   Floreffe - Belgium
   July 27th 2014
   Let's Eat Out
   Ottenburg - Belgium
   July 26th 2014
   Gentse Feesten
   Gent - Belgium
   July 5th 2014
   Cognac Blues
   Cognac - France
   June 7th 2014
   City Rockers Festival
   Ciney - Belgium
   May 3rd 2014
   Moulin Blues Ospel
   Ospel - Netherlands
   May 1st 2014
   Roots & Roses Festival
   Lessines - Belgium
   April 30th 2014
   Namur - Belgium
   April 4th 2014
   Brussels - Belgium
   March 14th 2014
   Café Altérez-vous  
   Louvain-La-Neuve - Belgium
   December 7th 2013
   Lustin - Belgium
   November 1st 2013
   Cercle St Nicolas
   Liège (Vivegnis) - Belgium
   October 4th 2013
   Dim's Barbershop
   Waterloo - Belgium
   September 19th 2013
   Brussels - Belgium
   September 15th 2013
   Centre Culturel w/ Ten Years After
   Lessines - Belgium
   August 25th 2013
   Festival Beergerie
   Montegnet - Belgium
   August 12th 2013
   Namur les bains
   Namur - Belgium
   July 6th 2013
   Custom Show  
   Sambreville - Belgium
   June 28th 2013
   Bear Rock
   Andenne - Belgium
   June 23rd 2013
   Hrc Hotroadchoppers  
   Sombreffe - Belgium
   June 21st 2013
   Maison des Musiques
   Brussels - Belgium
   June 1st 2013
   C. St. Etienne - Belgium
   April 13th 2013
   N'8' Jazz
   Mazy - Belgium


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Set up in 2012 by Francois Xavier Marciat (composer multi-instrumentalist) and joined by Charline Mosseray (singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist) in 2016, the Little X Monkeys (from Namur, Belgium) draw their inspiration from the sounds of the early 20th Century (banjo, mandolin, harmonica, washboard, …), turning them into contemporary folk songs.

Launched on the music scene in 2013 with a self-produced EP and an unstoppable single of summery whistling, recorded
with a single microphone in a living room under repair, Little X Monkeys has since secured some prestigious dates from Classic 21 Blues music festival (broadcast on the radio) to the Cognac Festival (where they shared the line-up with Robert Plant, Lily Allen and many others), La Nuit du Soir, the Moulin Blues Ospel, as well as appearing as support band to Ten Years After, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, ...

Home recorded but with a little more support (Maurice Charlier from Sky My Husband and COD&S, and producer of the debuts of Deus, decided to invest in the project), Little X Monkeys' first album, Mystic River, was released on 1st September, 2014.

After several months of concerts (in venues such as l'Ancienne Belgique, le Botanique and le Reflektor) and a number of renowned festivals, including Dour, Les Francofolies de Spa, Gentse Feesten, Esperanzah and the Grolsch Festival in Germany, the original soundtrack of the feature-length documentary Eclaireurs by Frakas Productions, the Little X Monkeys have returned with a strong line-up and a new single, Call Me Robin Hood, released the 12th September 2016, also under the label, Sky My Husband. It's Monkey Time!

Line-up : Charline Mosseray (vocals, lyrics, guitar, clarinet), Francois Xavier Marciat (guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica), Justin Veronesi (bass), Olivier Cox (drums)



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